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Walbro TU275HP High Performance Fuel Pump Kit

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Walbro TU275HP High Performance Fuel Pump Kit
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The Walbro TU275HP High Performance Fuel Pump Kit. This kit is rated to operate at 13 volts and has a minimum flow of 255 liters per hour against a normal operating pressure of 43 psi. This fuel pump is typically located In-Tank. If you are not sure you require a high performance fuel pump, please consider the Walbro TU275 OE Replacement Fuel Pump Kit instead.

This fuel pump is designed to be a direct, bolt-in high performance replacement to the OE fuel pump in the:

2006-2008 Ford F150
5.4L (V) E.F.I. Flex Fuel
27 Gal. Tank EXCLUDES extended range fuel tank (144.5", 145", 150". 150.5" & 163" Wheelbase)

Ensure the number in () next to the engine size, above, matches the 8th digit of your VIN. If you're not sure if this is the correct pump for your Ford F150, visit our Ford F150 Fuel Pump page to learn about more options or call us at the number above. We're here to help!

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