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Precautions for Fuel System Service

To reduce the risk of fire and personal injury it is necessary to observe the following precautions:

  • Perform this repair only in a properly equipped service facility.

  • Position the vehicle in a clear, level, well ventilated work area.

  • Perform work in a no-smoking area, or post no-smoking signs in the area selected

  • Have readily availabel a fully-functional Class B fire extinguisher of adequate size (5-pound CO-2 minimum)

  • Disconnect eh ground cable from the vehicles battery before performing any operation involving gasoline, gasoline tanks, or gasoline lines.

  • Allow the vehicle to cool before performing any operation which could possibly expose gasoline or gasoline vaport to hot parts such as catalytic converters, hot light bulbe, or similar components

  • Avoid using extention cords or lights which might overheat or cause sparks

  • Avoid inhaling gasoline fumes and prolonged skin contact with gasoline. Promptly wash any body areas which have been in contact with gasoline.

  • Wear approved safety glasses while performing any repairs.

  • When raising the vehicle to perfom under-vehicle services, use proper hoisting or jacking equipment along with approved safety supports.

  • When removing the gasoline from a fuel tank use an OSHA approved pump which is specifically designed for handling gasoline. DO NOT USE any other type of pump. Gasoline removed from a fuel tank must be stored in approved gasoline containers.

  • It is impossible to anticipate all possible risks and conditions under which repairs may be made to a fuel system. Therefore, in addition to the safety concerns listed, you are urged to carefully evaluate the hazards involved in such a service procedure and take whatever further precautions that may be necessary.


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