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Holley Billet Fuel Filters

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Holley Billet Fuel Filters
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Man, we at Fuel-Pumps.Net have been waiting on this for YEARS! Finally, someone has introduced a reasonably-priced, comprehensive fuel filter line-up and that someone is none other than Holley Performance Products! Sure, there have been a lot of fuel filters out there, but none that let you select the precise filter at such a great price. Choose from either pre-filter that goes between the fuel tank and the fuel pump to a post-filter that is perfect for either carbureted or fuel-injected applications.

These fuel filters look as great as they work. They are engineered from 6061-T6 aluminum which allows them to look great while still giving the rugged reliability that has been the Holley standard for over 100 years. And the black-anodized body and clear-anodized endcaps mean they will contine to look great.

But it's the complete nature of this product line that impresses even hard-core fuel system enthusiasts such as us. No one fuel filter is appropriate for all applications and that's why there are 12 different filtration, flow, and inlet/outlet combinations available. Choose from a 100 micron filter rating (perfect as a pre-filter between the tank and the pump), a 40 micron filter (great choice for a post-pump filter in carbureted applications) or a 10 micron filter to guarantee the fuel requirements of fuel injected applications.

It wasn't enough that Holley offered fuel filters in multiple filtration ratings, they also let you customize based on fuel flow. Their entry level pump is good to 100 gallons per hour (380 liters per hour), which is enough for almost any "sane" application. But if your fuel requirement is beyond that, choose from one of their 175 GPH (660 LPH) or 200 GPH (760 LPH) fuel filters. Each comes with fuel filter inlet and outlet sized appropriately for that flow rating (from 3/8" NPT, -8AN, or -12AN.)

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