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GSL394 In-Line Pump

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GSL394 In-Line Pump
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The Walbro GSL-394 Inline Fuel Pump produces 190 Liters Per Hour (LPH) of fuel at 43.5 psi. Fuels turbo applications up to 400HP, naturally aspirated up to 500HP.

This is a pump only. It is appropriate to buy this pump by itself if you are replacing an identical pump. If you plan to do a new installation with this pump, or if you are replacing another brand of inline pump, we recommend that you visit our Walbro Inline Fuel Pump Kits (Up to 255 LPH) page. This same pump is shown there, but is coupled with a mounting and installation kit that will greatly simplify your task. Further, it offers a broad selection of inlet and outlet adapters. This is helpful because you will not find an adapter for the 10mm straight thread in the ends of these pumps in your local auto parts or hardware store. As always, if you have any questions, contact us at the number at the top of this page.

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