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Fuel Pump Kit Pricing

By Chris Myer

Answers questions such as:

How much do fuel pumps cost?
How much does a fuel pump cost?
How much does it cost to install fuel pump?

The Walbro electric fuel pump kits that we sell on Fuel-Pumps.net cost from about $60 to about $280. This includes absolutely everything needed to replace the fuel pump itself, including any gaskets, wiring adapters, hoses, clamps, and similar installation goodies. It does not inclue things like the fuel filter between the fuel pump and the engine, nor the fuel regulator, nor (obviously) installation or anything that may have failed as a result of the original fuel pump's failure.

What is the difference in the price? Basically, there are two groupings of fuel pump types: standard replacement kits and tank units. The replacement kits are much less expensive. These include just a fuel pump and a set of installation parts that ensure a proper installation. These kits are usually available for under $150, whether they are for an inline or in-tank fuel pump.

Unfortunately, someone got the bright idea of making what is called a "tank unit", which combines the fuel pump and the fuel level sender (for the fuel gauge) into one unit. In a few cases, the tank units can be removed and a new fuel pump inserted into it, which puts he price into the range of the standard replacement kit above. On the other hand, if the tank unit is not repairable, or if the fuel level sender fails along with the fuel pump, then the entire tank unit must be replaced. Tank units start in the $150 range and go up to the $280 level. The one nice thing about having a tank unit available from Walbro is that, in the rare cases where a fuel level sender fails, a relatively inexpensive option to buying one from the dealer is available.

The cost to install a fuel pump is another matter entirely. While Fuel-Pumps.Net does not recommend that anyone other than a certified mechanic replace your fuel pump, for those who are equipped and qualified to do so there should not be any costs other than the pump itself. No special equipment is required to remove and replace a fuel pump in most cases.

On the other hand, the amount of time (and, hence, the cost) of removing and replacing a fuel pump can very widely. Inline fuel pumps are typically very easy. Once up on the rack, the entire job can usually be completed in less than 30 minutes. Conversely, in-tank fuel pumps can be a tremendous task. Some manufacturers have blessed their owners with an access panel that allows the fuel pump to be rmoved from inside the car. (I think back to a 1986 Mazda 323 that I owned.) Other than that (and in most cases), the fuel tank must be removed.

It is best to consult your mechanic for specifics on the "book rate" for fuel pump installation costs for your particular vehicle. To find out how much the fuel pump for your car, truck, or SUV costs, use our free fuel pump lookup app to find what is available for your car, truck, or SUV!

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