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Fuel Tank Bulkhead Fitting

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Fuel Tank Bulkhead Fitting
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Do You Require Hosebarb Adapters?


Fuel Tank Bulkhead Fitting with 3/8-Inch Hosebarb Adapter

Material: Hard Anodized Aluminum Fitting/Nut with Teflon Washers

If you are installing fuel injection into a vehicle originally equipped with a carburetor then you have figured out that you will need to return fuel from the fuel pressure regulator back to the fuel tank. And maybe you've gone so far as to run a return line back to the tank only to discover there is no port through which you can return the fuel into the tank. What to do?

Well, your worries are over. This Fuel Tank Bulkhead Fitting makes it easy to add a fuel return port to your carbureted vehicle's fuel tank. Here are the basic instructions:

  1. Drill a 9/16-inch hole into the top of the fuel tank
  2. Insert the double-threaded portion of the fitting through the hole, placing one of the included teflong washers on each side of the tank
  3. Use the -6 AN Bulkhead Nut to torque the fitting appropriately

Voila, you have a competition-grade return fuel port in your classic car's fuel tank. And, in the event you wanted to plumb with hose rather than AN fittings, we offer -6 to 3/8-inch hosebarb adapters as an option.

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