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Technical Drawings of Walbro FR-Series Pumps

Technical Drawings of Walbro FR-Series Pumps - click to enlarge

Click the FR-Series Technical Drawing above to enlarge. Press Ctrl-P to print. Select Landscape mode printing for best results.

While the FRA and FRD pumps are a bit shorter at 5.43 inches, because the inlet and outlet are on opposite ends of the pump the room required for installation is a bit longer than that for the 5.83 inch FRB and FRC pumps. Use the following as a rough estimate of the space required for installation.

  • FRA and FRD Pumps: 10.5" H x 3" W x 3" D
  • FRB and FRC Pumps:9.5": H x 3": W x 5.5":D

Purchasing optional 90-degree fittings instead of the included straight hose barb adapters can reduce the footprint slightly. If using the straight adapters, be sure to account for the distance required to radius the hoses in a manner that will not create a kink.

Note that the FR Series pumps can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Except for those models with reverse-flow checkvalves to prevent backflow, fuel can flow either direction when power is not applied, to be cautious to avoid a unwanted siphoning situation. If the ultimate destination of the fuel (carburetor, surge tank, etc) is lower than the source, the fuel will continue to flow after power is turned off until space or capacity stop it.

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