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Walbro FRD-1 Industrial Fuel Pump

Walbro FRD-1 Industrial Fuel Pump - click to enlarge
Walbro FRD-1 Industrial Fuel Pump
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Outlet Adapter (1/8 in. MPT to 5/16 in. Hose Barb)

Inlet Adapter (1/8 in. MPT to 5/16 in. Hose Barb)



The Walbro FRD-1 Industrial Fuel Pump works in stove and heater applications as well as for internal combustion engines. This pump is almost identical to to the FRA-1, but the FRD-1 runs on demand whereas the FRA-1 runs continously when power is applied. Both are self-priming pumps, providing a maximum dry lift of 24 inches. This pump supercedes the Walbro 2401-1 Fuel Pump, which is discontinued. The FRD-1 is one of two pumps that supercede the Walbro 2108-1 fuel pump. (The FRA-1 is also an acceptable replacement for the Walbro 2108-1 fuel pump.)

All Walbro Marine and Industrial Fuel Pumps Feature:

  • Low Current Draw
  • Reverse-Polarity Protected up to 60 minutes
  • Self-Priming (Dry Lift) of more than 48" (120 cm)
  • Dry Run to Four Hours
  • Compatible With All Commercially-Available Pump-Grade Gasoline, Gasohol, Diesel, or Bio-Diesel
  • Operating Temperature from -40° to 155° Farenheit (-40° to 70° Celcius)
  • Protection from Transient Voltages to 100 vdc
  • US Coast Guard Approved (USCG 16623-1 and USCG 16623-2)
  • European CE Standard Approved (EN 61000-6-2 and EN 63-2100)

Additionally, all Walbro FRD-Series Pumps Feature:

  • Continuous Duty Life Over 10,000 Hours (Diesel Fuel)
  • Weight of 0.83 Kg (1.83 lbs)
  • Pump Cycles Only On Fuel Demand
  • Replaceable Filter

FRD-1 Pump Specifications:

Voltage: 12vdc
Minimum Flow: 20 gph
Deadhead Pressure: 4.5 to 7.0 psi
Max Current Draw: 2.0 amps
Life: >10000 Hours
Dry Lift: 24"
Inlet/Outlet: 1/8-27 NPSF
Electrical Connector Two Leads, No Connector
Inlet Filter Screen: NA
Corrosion Resistance: 96 Hours Salt Spray Test (ATSM B-117)
Outlet Check Valve: None

Image of Mounting Flange and Included Components

Drawing of Mounting FlangeIncluded Components

Redline Fuel Pressure Regulator (1.5 to 20 PSI)
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