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Walbro FRB-19 Industrial & Marine Fuel Pump

Walbro FRB-19 Industrial & Marine Fuel Pump - click to enlarge
Walbro FRB-19 Industrial & Marine Fuel Pump
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Outlet Adapter (1/4 in. MPT to 5/16 in. Hose Barb)

Inlet Adapter (1/4 in. MPT to 5/16 in. Hose Barb)



All Walbro Marine Fuel Pumps are rugged, and the FRB-19 is no exception. The Walbro FRB-19 Industrial and Marine fuel pump is unique in that it can be adjusted down to pressures as low as 2 PSI, meaning that no regulator may be required in some carbureted applications which only support low pressures. It's built-in fuel filter means that an inlet filter on the pickup is not mandatory, however it is always recommended to filter fuel in the tank before it arrives at the fuel pump. (Filtering fuel after the fuel pump is often necessary depending on the application.) While it is generally best to plumb around a mechanical fuel pump that is being replaced by an electric pump, flowing through the existing mechanical pump is acceptable if the diaphragm of the mechanical pump is not torn and the mechanical pump does not restrict the flow.

All Walbro Marine and Industrial Fuel Pumps Feature:

  • Low Current Draw
  • Reverse-Polarity Protected up to 60 minutes
  • Self-Priming (Dry Lift) of more than 48" (120 cm)
  • Dry Run to Four Hours
  • Compatible With All Commercially-Available Pump-Grade Gasoline, Gasohol, Diesel, or Bio-Diesel
  • Operating Temperature from -40° to 155° Farenheit (-40° to 70° Celcius)
  • Protection from Transient Voltages to 100 vdc
  • US Coast Guard Approved (USCG 16623-1 and USCG 16623-2)
  • European CE Standard Approved (EN 61000-6-2 and EN 63-2100)

Additionally, all Walbro FRB-Series Pumps Feature:

  • Continuous Duty Life Over 18,000 Hours (Diesel Fuel)
  • Weight of 0.83 Kg (1.83 lbs)
  • Pump Cycles Only On Fuel Demand
  • Replaceable Filter

FRB-19 Pump Specifications:

Voltage: 24vdc
Minimum Flow: 33 gph (125 lph)
Deadhead Pressure: 2.0 to 4.0 psi
Max Current Draw: 1.7 amps
Life: >18000 Hours
Dry Lift: 48"
Inlet/Outlet: 1/4-18 NPSF
Inlet Filter Screen: 70 Micron
Corrosion Resistance: 1000 Hours Salt Spray Test (ATSM B-117)
Outlet Check Valve: None

Image of Mounting Flange and Included Components

Drawing of Mounting FlangeIncluded Components

300-102x Replacement Filter Screens for Walbro FRB and FRC Pumps
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Redline Fuel Pressure Regulator (1.5 to 20 PSI)
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