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Citroen Fuel Pumps

Fuel-Pumps.Net sells only the highest quality Walbro fuel pumps for Citroen vehicles. When you select one of these fuel pump kits, you can be assured that it contains precisely the pump, installation parts, and instructions for your specific vehicle. These are not generic "one size fits all" pump kits! Furthermore, because you are getting Walbro quality fuel pumps when you buy from Fuel-Pumps.Net, you can be confident that you are getting the very highest-quality fuel pump available for your vehicle. In many cases, Walbro is the manufacturer of the original fuel pump that the manufacturer used when they built the vehicle.

Select Your Citroen Model:

BX 16i

BX 19 Gti 16v

BX 19i 4x4

BX 19i

CX25 Gti Turbo 2

CX25 Gti Turbo

CX25 Gti

CX25 Injected Turbo 2

Visa 1.6 Gti

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