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Carb2EFI Fuel System Conversion Kit - Inline Low Pressure

Carb2EFI Fuel System Conversion Kit - Inline Low Pressure - click to enlarge
Carb2EFI Fuel System Conversion Kit - Inline Low Pressure
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Option 1: Earls Vapor Guard 3/8-Inch EFI Fuel Hose

Option 2: 3/8-Inch Convoluted In-Tank Hose

Option 3: Add Bulkhead Pass-Through Kit

Option 4: Add Mechanical Fuel Pump Blockoff Plate


If you need a complete carburetor to EFI fuel system conversion kit that features an easy-to-install Walbro / TI Automotive inline fuel pump then this is a great kit to consider. This kit contains exactly what you need. It is designed to use standard EFI fuel hose which eliminates the obscene cost and tedious time required to do an installation with AN or Push-Lock fittings. Further, it is ultra-configurable so that you get precisely what you need without paying for a bunch of kit components you won't use. This is the kit.

If you are not sure this is the kit for you, or if you've otherwise not already visited, see our Carb2EFI Fuel System Conversion Kit home page to see more options and read more about the ins-and-outs of converting the fuel system on your factory-carbureted vehicle over to EFI.

Do yourself a favor: Download & Review the Instructions For This Kit. Besides being insightful to what you face during installation, it will give you some clues as to what options to select in the purchasing process.

This kit comes with the Walbro GSL395 Low-Pressure Inline Fuel Pump rated at 155 LPH. This pump will support 410 HP naturally aspirated on gasoline.

This kit is made very specifically to install GM TBI engines into vehicles with factory carburetion. It includes all components required, even adapters to connect to the OE fuel fittings on the GM throttle body unit.

Option 1 and 2: EFI Fuel Hose and Submersible Fuel Hose:

We don't include hose in the kit because we don't want to sell you anything you don't need--or any more than you need. We offer only Earls Vapor Guard EFI fuel hose and TI Automotive convoluted in-tank fuel cuffs. Note: It is a bad idea to use the standard EFI fuel hose in your tank and the submersible "in-tank" hose is so much more expensive. These convoluted fuel cuffs are rated for fuel submersion and are priced to please.

Option 3: Bulkhead Passthrough Kit:3/8-Inch Bulkhead Fuel Port, Assembled

Most fuel tanks in Carbureted vehicles do not have a port through which to return fuel, or else have a feed part the is smaller than 3/8-Inch. This kit contains components that will allow you to add a port in your fuel tank with 3/8-inch hosebarbs on both sides. If your original feed line is not 3/8-inch, we recommend you use this for the feed and utilize the original feed as a return line.

Option 4: Mechanical Fuel Pump Blockoff Plate:Mechanical Fuel Pump Block-Off Plate

If you are adding EFI to an engine that had a port for a mechanical fuel pump you'll need one of these. Available for Chevy and Chrysler applications.

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