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Walbro Inline Fuel Pump Kits (Up to 255 LPH)

Walbro Inline Fuel Pump Kits (Up to 255 LPH)
Walbro Inline Fuel Pump Kits (Up to 255 LPH)
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Hey, Fuel-Pumps.Net! Why do your Walbro GSL inline fuel pumps cost a few bucks more than the other guys?

Because we don't treat you like the other guys. They sell you a Walbro GSL-series inline fuel pump with no installation hardware and no mounting kit. What good is that? Then you have to find them locally (good luck with that) or order them separately, pay more for them, and wait for them to arrive. What a ripoff!

With every Walbro Inline Fuel Pump Kit we sell, we include the following:

400-929 Installtion Hardware Kit, Including:

  • Terminal Lock Washers (2)
  • Terminal Nuts (2)
  • Copper Inlet/Outlet Washers (2)
  • Crimp-On Electrical Ring Terminals (2)

400-920 Mounting Kit, Including:

  • Sound insulating Sleeve (1)
  • Inline Fuel Pump Clamps (2)

The basic Walbro inline fuel pump kit from Fuel-Pumps.Net includes everything shown in the picture except the inlet and outlet adapters.

Walbro Inline Fuel Pump Kit Inlet/Outlet Selection Guide

A selection of 15 different inlet/outlet adapters are available. Reference the image below when making your selection. (Click to open a full-sized version in a separate window.)

Walbro Inline Fuel Pump Fittings.

Fuel-injected vehicles that utilize an in-line fuel pump can really benefit from the Walbro in-line fuel pump kit. This fuel pump kit features a Walbro Inline Fuel Pump and includes a sound insulator, mounting brackets, and all required hardware.

Walbro Inline Fuel Pump Selection Guide

Part Number Flow (LPH*) Comments
GSL392 255 Fuels turbo applications up to 540HP, naturally aspirated up to 670HP
GSL393 155 Fuels turbo applications up to 330HP, naturally aspirated up to 400HP
GSL394 190 Fuels turbo applications up to 400HP, naturally aspirated up to 500HP
GSL395 115 Note! This pump for low pressure throttle-body applications only. Fuels turbo applications up to 240HP, naturally aspirated up to 300HP

*Liters per Hour. Divide by 3.785 to get Gallons per Hour.

While this inline fuel pump is not vehicle-specific like the in-tank fuel pumps listed elsewhere on this website, we offer a complete line of inlet and outlet adapters that will allow the skilled automotive technician or race car builder to make a clean, professional installation. Pump inlet/outlet is 10mm female threaded fitting (not compression-style.)

Walbro Inline Fuel Pump Mechanical Specifications

Walbro Inline Fuel Pump Specifications Drawing
Dimensions Shown in Millimeters

Mechanical Specifications:

  • Weight: 17.4 Ounces
  • Outside Construction: Aluminum
  • Electrical Terminals: 6/32" Threaded Brass Studs
  • Inlet Fitting: Metric 10 x 1 Internal Threads
  • Outlet Fitting: Metric 10 x 1 Internal Threads

Environmental Characteristics:

  • Fluid Temperature Range: -40° to 150° F (-40° to 65° C)
  • Vibration Resistance: 9 G's at 10 to 55 Hertz for 6 Hours
  • Shock Resistance: 25 G's
  • Contamination Resistance: 8 Grams of 80 Micron Dust Contaminate per 100 Gallons
  • Corrosion Resistance: 96 Hours Salt Spray per ASTM B117
  • Safe Dry Operation: 5 Minutes Typical
  • Mounting: Inline or In-Tank

Make sure you're not tricked into buying Walbro Forgeries being sold by other vendors!

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