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Walbro 2402 Fuel Pump Cross Reference

The Walbro 2402 has been one of the most popular fuel pumps of the Walbro carbureted fuel pump lineup. It is second only to the 2401, and it serves those vehicles requiring less fuel flow and pressure than the 2401.

Despite the hours of research that have been invested to produce this cross-reference, we must caution you that it is not guaranteed to be perfect. If your fuel pump is listed below they refer to the suggested replacements and make your own decision before purchasing. Questions? Call--we're happy to assist!

All of these fuel pumps for carbureted applications:

  • AC EP42
  • AC EP42S
  • Airtex E14
  • Airtex E16S
  • Airtex E19
  • AutoPulse 2120
  • Autopulse 2240
  • Blackstone EP42
  • Borg Warner EP42B
  • Borg Warner EP42E
  • Canadian Tire 23-6561-4
  • Dupree 840
  • Edico MR> Fuel Lo Pressure
  • IPS 12-3614
  • IPS 12-3615
  • Repco 151-2001
  • Repco 151-2092
  • Repco 151-2101
  • Repco 151-2102
  • Sorenson PE13
  • Sorenson PE14
  • Walbro 2113
  • Walbro 2212AP
  • Walbro 2305-
  • Walbro 2312
  • Walbro 2312-29
  • Walbro 2312HL
  • Walbro 2312P
  • Walbro 2318
  • Walbro 2402

Can be replaced by either of these two fuel pumps:

A Few Notes:

-Don't see your fuel pump in the list above? Check the Walbro 2401 Fuel Pump Cross Reference or Jump to the main Walbro FR-Series Fuel Pump Page to make your selection based on fuel pump specifications.

-Either of the FR-series fuel pumps listed above are an excellent choice for carbureted vehicles with an OE electric fuel pump. Similarly, if you want to replace your mechanical fuel pump in your carbureted car this is a good choice (vehicles up to about 160 HP.)

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