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Walbro 2401 Fuel Pump Cross Reference

The pump most commonly referred to as the 2401 has been a bedrock for the entire Walbro carburetor fuel pump family. It replaced the Walbro WEP12 fuel pump, and has since been replaced by the Walbro FRA-1 Fuel Pump and FRD-1 Fuel Pump.

Please take careful note to what this is and what it is not. This is the result of hours of research, digging through outdated manuals and cross-referencing fuel pumps that were discontinued years ago to help fast-forward you in your search for a replacement. It is not guaranteed to be perfect, and it is not a promise that the new FR-series fuel pump will drop into place with no additional effort--although I believe that will be the case most of the time.

All of these fuel pumps for carbureted applications:

  • AC EP12
  • AC EP12S
  • AC EP43
  • Airtex E12
  • Airtex E12S
  • Airtex ES012AX
  • Autopulse 2101
  • Big A BAE8012
  • Blackstone EP12B
  • Borg Warner EP12B
  • Borg Warner EP42E
  • Canadian Tire 23-6576-0
  • Carter P60378
  • Dupree 801
  • Edico MR. Fuel (Std. Pressure)
  • EZON AG801
  • Federal Mogul P60378
  • IPS 12-3616
  • Master ES012M
  • NSN 2910-00-453-6105 (Military)
  • Repco 151-2000
  • Repco 151-2080
  • Repco 151-2168
  • Sorenson PE12
  • Sorenson PE15
  • Standard Motor Products EFP1S
  • Stewart Warner D235A
  • Walbro 2101H
  • Walbro 2108
  • Walbro 2161
  • Walbro 2192
  • Walbro 2212
  • Walbro 2214
  • Walbro 2214AP
  • Walbro 2304-
  • Walbro 2310
  • Walbro 2310-29
  • Walbro 2310AP
  • Walbro 2310HL
  • Walbro 2310P
  • Walbro 2401
  • Walbro 8001
  • Walbro 8003
  • Walbro WEP12

Can be replaced by either of these two fuel pumps:

A Few Notes:

-Don't see your fuel pump in the list above? Check the Walbro 2402 Fuel Pump Cross Reference or Jump to the main Walbro FR-Series Fuel Pump Page to make your selection based on fuel pump specifications.

-Either of the FR-series fuel pumps are an excellent choice for carbureted vehicles with an OE electric fuel pump. Similarly, if you want to replace your mechanical fuel pump in your carbureted car this is a good choice (vehicles up to about 200 HP.)

-Although an NSN number (military application) is listed above, the new FR-series pumps have not been DOD-approved as a replacement. Use your own judgement about suitability.

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