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Walbro Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator (1.7-5.0 psi)

135-631 Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator (1.7-5.0 psi) - click to enlarge
Walbro 135-631 Regulator with Included ComponentsWalbro 135-631 Regulator Installed Directly on Pump

Unfortunately, Walbro has discontinued this part. Please consider the Redline Inline Fuel Pressure Regulator instead.

This adjustable fuel pressure regulator from Walbro allows you to dial in fuel pressure from 1.7 psi to 5.0 psi. It is perfectly suited to the Walbro FR-Series Industrial and Marine Fuel Pumps, and works with nearly any liquid (room temperature) fuel.

This adjustable fuel pressure regulator features a 1/8-27 male inlet and a 1/8-27 female outlet. This allows it to fit directly onto the outlet of those Walbro FR-Series pumps which have the 1/8-27 outlet with no other hardware (see inset image above.) Outlet Hose Barb Adapters are are included as well, also shown above.

Note: Inlet is 1/8-27 Male thread (bottom.) Outlet is 1/8-27 Female (Side.)

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