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Ford Mustang GT 98-04 Fuel Hats by Fore Precision Works

Ford Mustang GT 98-04 Fuel Hats by Fore Precision Works
Ford Mustang GT 98-04 Fuel Hats by Fore Precision Works
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1. Select Number of Pumps Supported:

2. Select The Fuel Pressure Regulation

3. Add fuel pumps (as required.) Note: Ford GT Supercar Pumps available through Ford Only

4. OEM Line Adapter (Rec. for PWM-regulated setups.

5. Fuel Level Sender Adapter.



If you are going to make serious horsepower with your 98-04 Ford Mustang, you quickly find out that you have to address the fuel pump. Walbro recently introduced a direct-swap high-performance fuel pump for the Ford Mustang 98-04. This is great if you only need up to about 255 LPH of fuel. But what if you're making well in excess of the 670 naturally aspirated (540 force-fed) horsepower that this pump can support?

The answer is simple: Add more fuel pumps. Fore Precision makes two- and three-pump fuel pump hats for the 98-04 Ford Mustang. These beautifully CNC-machined fuel pump hangers come in 4 different styles. Choose from two- or three-pump versions that support either the stock-type PWM-regulated fuel pumps (with no return inlet) or, if you want to do away with the stock fuel pressure regulation entirely and install a mechanical fuel pump, you can opt for the Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump versions. Whichever way you go, this will allow you to create just about all the horsepower that you could imagine from a Mustang engine.

If you opt to keep your PWM-regulated system, you can run Walbro F10000134 (OE-style) fuel pumps in your 98-04 Mustang. Two are able to produce over 360 liters per hour. That is enough fuel to conservatively feed 950 naturally-aspirated horsepower or 770 turbocharged or supercharged horsepower. Three will produce enough fuel for 1400 naturally aspirated (1100 turbo/supercharged) HP. Or, select the GT Supercar Pump (235 liters per hour each, also made by Walbro) and add another 30% to those figures. Note that the GT Supercar Pump, while made by Walbro, are available exclusively through your Ford dealer.

If the idea of running the stock PWM isn't your style, select the Ford Mustang Fuel Hat for Walbro 255 LPH pumps. This will require you to do the following:

  • Run a correctly fused 12v power source to the fuel pump.
  • Install a mechanical fuel pressure regulator at the fuel rail.
  • Plumb a return line back to the fuel tank.

What do you get for all of that work? Enough fuel to support 670 NA / 540 TC-SC Horsepower per fuel pump, so multiply those numbers by either two or three, depending on which one you choose.

The Fore Precision Ford Mustang Fuel Hat will work with the stock fuel tank, but there are a few caveats. The stock Mustang fuel tank lacks baffles around the sump, so keep your fuel tank about one-quarter full to avoid starvation. Alternatively, consider replacing your stock non-Cobra fuel tank with an 03-04 Cobra fuel tank.

No welding or caulk used in assembly or manufacturing. Full billet components use o-rings, OEM seals, and epoxy sealed through conductors. Submersible fuel line included. (conforms to SAE 30R10.)

If you've read to this point, you will probably want to read the Fore Precision Mustang Fuel Hat Installation Manual.

Fore Precision Fuel Hat as viewed from top. Fore Precision Fuel Hat as viewed from top.
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