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Fuel-Pumps.Net is your source for both stock replacement and High-Performance 255 liter per hour (lph) fuel pumps from Walbro--the most respected name in the industry.

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Walbro® / TI Automotive Fuel Pumps

Fuel-Pumps.Net proudly carries only fuel pumps manufactured by TI Automotive, including pumps known as Walbro fuel pumps. In many cases TI Automotive is the maker of the original-equipment fuel pump that came with the car, so you know that you are buying true OE-Quality.

TI Automotive / Walbro electric fuel pumps are developed using the latest computer-aided-design techniques. Extensive durability testing under a variety of conditions ensures that they will stand up to real-world abuse. Walbro pumps are manufactured using the latest automated equipment, in strict adherence to stringent quality control requirements. Finally, each one is fully tested before shipping, assuring you of top performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Make sure you're not tricked into buying Walbro Forgeries being sold by other vendors!

Fuel Pump Installation Guidance

NOTE! This guidance is intended to assist the properly certified mechanic in the installation process. It is not intended to be a substitute for a professional mechanic. Buyers must ensure that their fuel pump is installed by a certified, insured mechanic with the appropriate, tools, safety devices, and vehicle-specific service manuals.

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